The opposite of laziness isn't will power, it's alignment
Written by Coach Casey on Dec 12th, 2018
Let's assume for a minute that proper diet and exercise are the answers to all health and body transformations. 

We don't actually know if that's true. 

But let's assume it's true. 

And if it is true, then what are diet and exercise? 

They are patterns of behavior. 

Either I behave in a way where I put the pizza, beer and ice cream in my mouth, or I don't. 

Either I behave in a way where I stop eating when I'm full, or I don't. 

Either I behave in a way where I get up and go the gym, or I don't. 

You get the idea. 

So, if diet and exercise are the answer... 

And diet and exercise are behaviors... 

And we need to behave in a certain way in regards to our diet and exercise in order to have the health and body that we want...

What is it that dictates how we behave?

Is it our level of laziness?

Is it our will power?

Is it our level of self-discipline?

Because if we want to change our behaviors, we would have to change whatever it is that controls our behaviors, right?

Well, the problem is that 95% of the time we are completely unaware of what it is that is driving our behavior. 

And, that's why we can't control it. 

In order to gain control and dominion over our behaviors, we have to gain control and dominion over what CAUSES our behaviors. 

And the way we gain control and dominion over what CAUSES our behaviors, is by creating "alignment" between the various moving parts that are working together below the surface that determine what our behaviors will be. 

So that raises an important question;

If we are in alignment, does willpower even matter?

If we are in alignment, does self discipline even matter?

Let's look at this in a different context.

Think about the behaviors of a mother.

Why does a mother change her babies smelly diapers?

Why does she lovingly feed and tend to a baby that's screaming and crying?

Is it will power? 

Is it self-discipline?

Is it because she hired a personal trainer or accountability coach to whip her into shape?

How many mothers have you met that have to hire an accountability coach in order to get themselves to display the behaviors that will keep their children alive?

Addiction, mental illness or sever depression aside;

Mothers don't need willpower, self discipline or an accountability coach to do what's needed for their children. 

Even when they don't "feel" like doing what's needed for their kids, they tend to do it anyway. 

Why is that?

The answer is because they are in "alignment" around that purpose of raising their child. 

All of the various parts of her that drive her behaviors are in agreement about what it is that she is going to do. 

And so it happens automatically, even when she's tired, stressed or doesn't feel like it. 

Are some days better than others? Sure. 

But the necessary amount of appropriate behaviors needed in order to achieve the desired outcome are ultimately met. 

The truth is;

We only need willpower and self-discipline when we are OUT of alignment with the purpose at hand. 

So, the question then becomes, how do we achieve alignment and agreement between all the various parts of us that are driving our behaviors?

Great question!

So, if our car isn't behaving the way we want it to, what do we do?

We take it to a mechanic who gets under the hood. 

What's under the hood?

Under the hood are all of the the moving parts that determine the behavior of the car in response to stimuli. 

If your car isn't behaving the way you want it to behave, how many combinations of possible moving parts do you suppose there are that could potentially be causing the misbehavior? 

Countless, right? 

And do you suppose that you, the human machine, are more complicated and complex than a car, or less?

More, obviously.

So if we want to change our behaviors easily and permanently so that they occur the way we want them to automatically, as if by magic, the way to accomplish that is simple. 

We get under the hood, and get the pieces of the machine that aren't working together to work together. 

Once we do that, we have a machine that behaves exactly the way we want it to, easily and automatically. 

This is what happens for us when we achieve alignment and agreement in regards achieving the health and body of our dreams. 

Naturally, we can always get under our own hood, start looking around, take some educated guesses, and maybe start turning some wrenches to see if we can get the proper parts working together. 

But, for most of us, that doesn't end very well.  

And if you're interested in getting some help from a great mechanic for what's under your hood.

I just happen to know a guy who helps people do exactly that every single day. 

Apparently he has some kind of method for these things. 

I can get you in touch with him if you like. : ) 

Hope this helps. 

- Coach Casey

Coach Casey

Coach Casey helps heart-centered, conscious coaches, course creators & experts get to the next level in business & life. He's a fourth-generation serial entrepreneur and certified clinical hypnotherapist who is an expert at helping entrepreneurs increase their income, impact & inner peace without being sleazy or sacrificing spiritual alignment by helping them create soul-aligned businesses & removing the mental blocks and blindspots that prevent "next level" success. If you're interested in serving and receiving at a higher level, request a free strategy session today.
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