How I Radically Transformed My Health & Body Using "The Coach Casey Method"
Written by Coach Casey on July 19th, 2018
When I first began my journey of attempting to achieve my own total health & body transformation (Not to mention my mental well-being) it was a nightmare. 

After growing up eating pop tarts and cocoa puffs for breakfast, having cellulite on my stomach by the time I was in 4th grade, and being the slow, uncoordinated chubby kid who sucked at sports and got picked last for kickball teams in P.E... 

I eventually became an adult that was almost 50lbs overweight....

Drinking Starbucks frappucinos and egg McMuffin sandwiches for breakfast...

Jack in the box double bacon cheeseburgers 
with a large curly fry and Oreo shake for lunch... 

And Applebees happy hour with nachos, wings, cheese sticks, and as many margaritas and microbrew beers as I could fit in my stomach...

Almost every single day. 

When I finally made the decision to turn my life, health, and physique around for good, I didn't know ANYTHING about proper nutrition or exercise. 

And I CERTAINLY didn't know anything about the PSYCHOLOGY of weight loss or well-being. (What does that even mean, anyway???)

But now, as someone who has completely transformed my own health and physique, I went from ALL that, to:

Losing 45lbs of fat... 

Achieving 8% body fat... 

Getting down to the weight I was in high school (when I was running 10 miles a day to maintain it)...

My doctor telling me that I "have numbers that people my age would kill for"...

And living every day in a state of fulfillment and happiness, with abundant physical energy and the ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want. 

But, the process I went through to finally achieve that transformation was very painful. 

It took me 4 long years of doing all the wrong things that all these so-called experts tell us to do.

All the things that you've probably already tried too!

And I failed A LOT!

I failed many times over, trying to do it the way I thought was right because it was what everyone says you should do.

But it was all wrong!

So, my own transformation took a lot of time, and there was a lot of waste and a lot of trial and error. 

But now, because hindsight is 20/20, the proper path is clear and easy to understand and the places where we make mistakes are obvious. 

So, what I've done is really look at that experience, study it, analyze it, crystallize it, boiled it down, and really extracted the key processes and the key points that you have to achieve in the proper sequential process in order to make that transformation. 

And that sequential process I created is what is now known as "The Coach Casey Method" 
for radical and permanent transformation.

Because what I learned in my 4-year journey to unlocking the code for achieving radical and permanent transformations of any kind, is that everything we are taught about how to achieve them is completely backward. 

What we are taught to do puts "the cart in front of the horse", and that's exactly why we continue to fail over and over again no matter how many times we try. 

And that is exactly what makes "The Coach Casey Method" different, and why it actually works when the old ways continue to fail us.  


Because when we implement "The Coach Casey Method", we start with the MOST important things occurring FIRST, and the LEAST important things occurring LAST. 

And as you already know, If you were to go out and attempt your own health and body transformation on your own, from scratch, with no advice or no help, it's a minefield. 

You’ve got all this contradicting advice out there, so many people trying to sell you books and programs and magic pills and I don't recommend that to anyone. 

Especially because at least 90% of what’s out there NEVER solves the problem PERMANENTLY for the person trying to make a lasting improvement in their health or physique. 

Going out there and doing it on your own is like trying to navigate through dangerous rocky waters on a ship at night without a MAP. 

By contrast, "The Coach Casey Method" is like chartering a boat through very calm waters, in the middle of the day, with a very good MAP. 

And for that reason, "The Coach Casey Method" is not like anything you've tried before, and that's exactly why it works. 

Throw out whatever you think you know about getting healthy or shedding unwanted fat. 

Throw out whatever preconceived notions you have about what you think the achievement of a health and body transformation should look like. 

And, above all, forget what you think you'll be asked to DO in order to achieve your transformation. 

If you've heard of it before, it's not part of "The Coach Casey Method". 

Forget about the grueling exercise and workout schedule. 

Forget about the grit, force, pain, willpower, and punishment. 

Forget about the calorie counting and the food restrictions and the meticulous diet plan that you didn't choose. 

Clear all your preconceived notions and understand this: 

"The Coach Casey Method" is INTENTIONALLY designed to be 180 degrees in the OPPOSITE direction of the old way of doing things we've all heard 1,000 times before. 

"The Coach Casey Method" is UNIQUELY designed to correct the #1 biggest and most common mistake that most weight loss courses, health professionals, and individuals (Including myself!) make when attempting a health or body transformation of any kind. 

It's the mistake that's so permeated into our culture, that 95% of people don't even realize that a better way exists.

And that mistake is the mistake of attempting to use FORCE as a method to change one's outer, physical behaviors (like diet and exercise) in a way that is painful, difficult, and grueling.

The problem with this approach is that almost never works, and when it does, the results are usually temporary.

Because EVENTUALLY, we fall back into our old permanent programs, habits, and behaviors.

But most people continue on with the delusion that this is the ONLY way 
and continue to bang their head against the wall, flailing up and down the diet roller coaster. 

People do this, simply not KNOWING that instead of using FORCE, they simply could have aligned with the POWER of their inner, mental behaviors that CAUSE the desired physical behaviors to happen in the first place - easily, automatically, and permanently, as if by magic. 

The truth is that attempting a health and body transformation the old way is like running as fast as you can... UP a never-ending escalator that's going DOWN. 

Sooner or later you will burn up your energy. And as soon as you do - Down you go. 
Defeated, and right back where you started or worse. 

"The Coach Casey Method" is like an instruction manual on how to build yourself an ELEVATOR that you can just step onto, and get to where you're going, easily and permanently.

You can expect to be delighted, awakened, empowered, and come away feeling lighter and lighter and lighter with the unfolding of each step of "The Coach Casey Method" as you return to the TRUTH of who you really are.

Instead - what we do is START with the MOST powerful and PERMANENT tools of change (The MENTAL ones) occurring FIRST. 


And then the LEAST powerful and most TEMPORARY tools of change (the PHYSICAL ones) occurring LAST. 

Remember that our physical, tangible world is merely a visible printout of what is going on with us in our Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual worlds.

And since we are holistic beings, we cannot affect a single part of us without affecting the "whole" of us. That's why success can only be accomplished by addressing the "whole" of us. 

Which is exactly what "The Coach Casey Method" does. 


Coach Casey

Coach Casey helps heart-centered, conscious coaches, course creators & experts get to the next level in business & life. He's a fourth-generation serial entrepreneur and certified clinical hypnotherapist who is an expert at helping entrepreneurs increase their income, impact & inner peace without being sleazy or sacrificing spiritual alignment by helping them create soul-aligned businesses & removing the mental blocks and blindspots that prevent "next level" success. If you're interested in serving and receiving at a higher level, request a free strategy session today.
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